Think Personal Training is too expensive?  Think Again!  

Refinery offers a Personal Training Membership that helps you SAVE money!

When you complete just 1 hour or 2 thirty minute sessions per week, you pay NO membership dues. That's up to $50 in savings each month!

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personal training Trainer, Seth Jackson

Personal Trainers serve not only as coach, but also as confidant,

role model, educator and a major source of motivation and encouragement. Here are just a few of the things a

Refinery Trainer will provide:


A Fitness Evaluation

A series of questions and simple tests designed to assess fitness.  If requested, a trainer will take body measurements for the client as a way to track progress based on their individual goals.


A Personalized Exercise Program

An exercise program based on an individual's fitness evaluation results and personal health and fitness goals.


Supervised Exercise

Personal attention during exercise is the primary function of personal trainers.  Clients are educated about the fundamentals of training as well as proper and safe use of equipment.


Meet the Trainers

Client Testimonial

Head Trainer Tony Whitney with Client Ivy Williams


Just like the adage; Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover...


My name is Ivy Williams and I am currently a client working with Tony, at the Refinery. Tony has not always been my trainer , but I am extremely happy he is now. The back story - I am a retired educator . As an employee with the Champaign School District, I took advantage of becoming a member in 2011. During my early membership, I enjoyed everything the Refinery had to offer including working with a trainer. My experience was good . It was during this time that I would notice Tony working with other individuals. I inquired about him and I learned that he was the head trainer. I also remember observing some of his training sessions and saying to myself he looks tough. I even remember telling someone how intimidated I would be working with him.


Fast forward. I got the opportunity to work with Tony and it has been one of the best decisions I have made on my journey to a healthier me. Yes, I have told him how intimidated I was of him at first sight. I laugh now and think what a loss it would have been for me if I would have stayed with my first judgement call with no evidence to support it. I have worked with Tony off and on since 2015. He has helped me through some pretty tough diagnoses and continues to help me maneuver through my most recent challenges of osteoarthritis.


What I appreciate most is his knowledge, his willingness and ability to modify any exercise or circuit I am doing whenever necessary.   Anyone with any form of arthritis knows that it is extremely important to keep some type of movement going even through the pain. Thanks to Tony’s patience and his ability to motivate me when I was struggling with pain, I have worked out on some pretty  tough days.  


So, if you’re ever in  need of an excellent trainer, don’t do like me and make a hasty judgment about working with Tony. If you do, you will surely miss out on the opportunity  to team with the number one trainer at the number one gym in Champaign... the Refinery!

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