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Billie Jo Carey

Member since September 2016

We're happy to spotlight Refinery member, Billie Jo Carey! BJ joined the Refinery family in September 2016, choosing a Zumba class to kick off her journey. Determined to fight back against her diagnoses of hypothyroidism, pre-diabetes, and severe anemia, BJ committed to a healthier lifestyle and began participating in 5-6 Refinery Group Fitness Classes each week, sometimes hitting 2 classes in one day as she gained strength and her energy increased. BJ enjoyed trying a variety of classes including Zumba, Boot Camp, Body Pump, and more. After some encouragement from Refinery instructors and members, BJ tried her first PiYo class in the fall of 2018 and saw significant increases in her upper body strength and was able to push past a weight loss plateau. BJ continued to gain confidence in herself, tackling INSANITY classes and finally adding regular weight lifting sessions in the gym in February 2019. Strength training has truly been a game changer for BJ, testing her physical and mental strength. With a "one day at at time" focus, an open mind, and improved eating habits, BJ says, "everything has changed for the better". We're proud to have you as part of our Refinery family, Billie Jo!


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