Voted best gym in the area
Voted best gym in the area

Refinery Instructors

Refinery instructors are certified, highly qualified, and professional individuals who have been selected by management to serve our members.  You can expect a first-class experience in every class!  (Not all instructors are pictured.)

Lisa Palmer

Group Fitness Co-Director


Certifications: BodyCombat . BodyPump . RIPPED . Cycling . INSANITY


Philosophy: Exercise is a lifestyle and should be enjoyed!  If you take good care of your body, in return it will make all aspects of your life better.


What participants can expect: Lots of motivation and energy which will make you work yourself harder than you otherwise would!


Colleen Crawford

Group Fitness Co-Director


Certifications: PiYo, INSANITY, Turbo Kick, Barre Above, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


Philosophy: Exercise is a privilege, not a burden. Enjoy what your body can do while pushing toward a new best. "We GET to do another set!"


What participants can expect: Expect a fun and challenging workout (and probably some high fives!) that leaves you feeling better than when you came in.

Audra Wilson

Certifications: BodyFlow

Philosophy: You're as strong and determined as your mind will let you be. Mindset is everything. Self love is the strongest tool in your tool belt. Love yourself and set your mind to do great things. You're worth it.


What participants can expect: A time to recharge and feel strong! Increase your balance and flexibility. Challenge yourself. Feel good about yourself inside and out. 


Brett Brown


Certifications: BodyPump, BodyFlow


Philosophy: Fitness is an unfolding journey, not a destination. Enjoy it!


What participants can expect: Each class is a step forward. Come consistently and you will see the results you are after.


Chenchen Cui


Certifications: RYT- 200


Philosophy: I truly believe that Yoga is for everyone. The beauty of yoga is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more. Every single time that you show up to your own yoga practice, you give yourself a tremendous gift. 


What participants can expect: My practice and teaching honor personal and spiritual balance, alignment, and strength. Each class includes postured for strength and rejuvenation, as well as mindfulness meditation, fluid movement, and breath awareness. All levels are welcomed. 


Danielle (Ketchmark) Runyon


Certifications: Zumba, RIPPED 


Philosophy: Do it because you enjoy it. Share your joy and passion with others!


What participants can expect: Members can expect a high energy class that will allow them to escape from a busy day. I like to change it up a little every class so it stays entertaining. I try to bring the latest and hottest music including Latin and Top 40. I'm always here to answer your questions and greet you with a smile. I look forward to seeing you in class, smiling back!


Danny Wilson


Certifications: BodyCombat


Philosophy: Regular exercise is tough to subscribe to, but if you find that class, that workout that you truly enjoy, that is when everything changes. Doing things outside your comfort zone is truly where the magic is that can change you for the better.


What participants can expect: A team atmosphere filled with fun and great music to pair with and energetic, yet technical, workout. We are all warriors and we are better when we do it together.


Dwayne Bishop


Certifications: Cycling . Certified Personal Trainer


Philosohpy: Treat exercise like you would a job, can you lay down on the job and get paid for it, I don’t think so, well that’s how you should view exercising, if you lay down on the job you don’t get paid, if you lay down on your exercising you don’t get the results of a healthier, fitter you. Come let the Refinery family get you there, we never lay down on fitness, and we’ll never lay down on you!


What participants can expect: When you attend my class, expect to have lots of fun, but also expect to put the work in (I push you to the limit), it’s my job and I love it.

James Fiedler


Certifications: Schwinn


Fitness Philosophy: Work hard, leave it all on the floor, and continue to challenge your body.


What Participants can Expect: High energy, a lot of sweat, a lot of encouragement, and a whole lot of fun and calories burned!

Jennifer McDonald


Certifications: BodyPump, RPM, BodyStep


Philosophy: Do it for yourself; only then can you feel truly successful.


What participants can expect: Come prepared to work hard so that you can acheive your goals but remember to live in the moment and enjoy the journey.

Jessica Robbins


Certifications: Cycling . BodyPump . AFAA . B.S in Kinesiology


Philosophy: You only have one body so treat it right!  Anyone can make healthy changes in their life, it just takes a little encouragement and a lot of motivation.


What participants can expect: I'm an educator by nature, so please ask questions! Expect to sweat and work hard in an energetic environment. With consistency, you can expect a healthier you.

Julie Themer 


Certifications:  RIPPED, PiYo, TurboKick


Philosophy:  When you are having fun, you don't mind working hard!


What Participants Can Expect:  I will push you to your limits, but the music will be rockin' and you will have a blast! 

Mariangelica Carrasquillo-Mangual


Certifications: Zumba


Fitness Philosophy: Have fun and mix it up; find what works best for you and go for it! And don't let the dance-style class fool'll feel it tomorrow!


What Participants can Expect: A workout party with lots of fun while shaking it to the beat of Latin rhythms. Also, great energy and an instructor that might sing along and most of the time can't count in English so bring your Spanglish on! :)

Pam Horn


Certifications:  Group Fitness, Zumba, Spin, Step, Kickboxing, Bosu Training, PiYo


Fitness Philosophy:  Fitness isn't how much you can lift but a healthy lifestyle.  There isno age limit to being healthy and active.  Just believe in yourself and take the first step to a better you. 


What Participants Can Expect:  I love what I do and I want you to love it also.  I am here to help make you all you can be by giving you an energized, fun, workout and to encourage you to meet your fitness goals!

Robin Bedwell


Certifications:  Fitour Cycle


Fitness Philosophy: I exercise to be healthy, physically and mentally. I am fortunate in that I have had the greatest instructors for my group fitness classes. They have helped inspire me to be my personal best. I want to inspire others.   


What Participants Can Expect: Participants are given the freedom to work as hard as they want in my class. Proper form and technique will be stressed, along with some really awesome music.  

Rochelle Gutierrez


Certifications:  PiYo


Fitness Philosophy:  Fitness is more than looking good on the outside; it's feeling good on the inside.  The secret to getting ahead is getting started.


What Participants Can Expect: You will be surrounded by other smiling faces and energizing music that will push you to complete a demanding work out.  There is no "FAIL" in my class.  There is only First Attempt In Learning. Come see the amazing things your body can do! 

Sarah Tandet


Certifications: BodyPump


Fitness Philosophy: Work hard to play hard.  If you give your workout 100% then you will see 100% of the results.  Exercise works not only the body, but both the mind and soul. 


What Participants Can Expect:  An intense workout that will make you sweat.  Instead of "raining diamonds" (BP realease 82), you will be "raining sweat". Participants will receive a fun and energetic, but hard and intense, workout that will make them feel stronger and healthier throughout their entire body. 

Tony Whitney


Certifications:  TRX, BodyPump, Silver Sneakers, Head Trainer


Fitness Philosophy:  You get out what you put into your fitness. My job is to get the very best out of you and I love to do it!


What Participants Can Expect:  Participants can expect  to be physically challenged and mentally energized.

Wendy Barker


Certifications: BodyPump, BodyVive, TurboKick, Spinning, AFFA Group Fitness


Fitness Philosophy:  I believe fitness should be fun! FInd the workout you love but also step outside your comfort zone and try new classes to challenge your body in new ways. Remember, it doesn't always get easier, BUT you get fitter, stronger, and healthier with every class you take.


What Participants Can Expect: High energy and lots of motivation to help you push through a challenging class!

Refinery Group Fitness Subs

Amy Cunningham

Certifications: BodyPump, POUND

Philosophy: Fitness is all about getting out of your comfort zone! By finding new ways to move and care for your body, the positive effects will spill over into many areas of your life!


What participants can expect: A high energy workout that will challenge you physically AND mentally. It's my goal that you leave your workout with a smile on your face and pride in your accomplishments that day. I always show plenty of modifications in my classes so don't stress. We crank the music up and don't stop until it's over!


Casey Coon

Certifications: AFAA Primary Group Exercise, TRX, BodyPump, Spinning, Zumba, PiYo, TurboKick, The Physical Mind Mat and Standing Pilates, ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Philosophy:  Set goals and work hard to accomplish them.


What participants can expect: Expect a fun and effective workout.


Lori Torigian Rogers


Certifications: BodyCombat


Fitness Philosophy: You're never to old to start working out! Not every workout is going to be a great one...and that's OK! Find a buddy, make a plan, and keep coming back!


What Participants Can Expect: We will work hard and be challenged to improve ourselves. The important thing is we keep punching and have fun! 


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