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Member Testimonials

Rita before and after starting her weight loss journey

Rita Bates


I weigh 150 pounds, or at least that’s my goal weight by May 30, 2015.  My entire life I’ve been up and down with my weight.  I’ve tried every kind of diet that’s out there, but the weight always came back after the diet was over or I stopped eating that particular kind of food.  I was able to keep my weight pretty steady up until about 8.5 years ago, when I started menopause.  When that began, I gained over 100 pounds in one year’s time.  I was totally distraught.  I tried everything, however nothing worked.  It was difficult to do anything, even bending over and standing up was difficult, as I wasn’t used to being that heavy before and didn’t have the strength to lift myself back up.  Walking was hard, it was like carrying 120 pound weight with me everywhere I went.  

I wanted to go on a diet and begin exercising, however I needed something to keep me accountable to my commitment.  Then I saw that the department of Kinesiology at the U of IL was conducting a study on exercise and memory and were looking for folks who were able to commit to four months of exercising at the Refinery and some screening before and after the program ended.  I thought this was it, it was exactly what I needed, a commitment.  So I signed up and my journey began last March.  I began watching information about being overweight and what it does to my body.  After watching videos, I began my exercise regime at the Refinery on May 1, 2014, which is where my journey of transforming my life began.

At first, I was so self-conscience of how I looked, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.  Most gyms are known for the members having great bodies and strutting their stuff.  I was so intimidated, however, I noticed right away that no one was watching me or making me feel uncomfortable.  The staff and members were actually very friendly and it was an inviting atmosphere.  The more I came to the Refinery, the more I enjoyed it.  

I had always been against going to group fitness classes, because I didn’t feel comfortable exercising in front of other folks.  I enjoyed being the wall flower in the back that no one paid attention to.  So my first month I focused on the weight machines and treadmill.  I thought that is what I will focus my efforts on to get back into shape.  However, I began getting really bored with the weight machines and began dreading working out already.

One day that I was really dreading working out on the machines again, a girl ran down to the desk and asked if there was anyone who would be interested in taking a class because they needed another person or they were going to have to cancel class.  I saw the desperation in her face and in her voice, so I piped up and said that I would go.  I figured one class wouldn’t hurt, especially since I wasn’t feeling like lifting weights on that particular day.  I went to the class and LOVED it!  It was amazing, I couldn’t believe how fun and energizing it was.  The hour went by so fast and I wanted more.  

From then on, I began going to all of the classes and then finished it up by walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  It was exhilarating and I looked forward to going to the gym each day.  I go to the refinery about 4 times a week, each day includes a different class and walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  

Since my journey began, I’ve lost 80 pounds as of today!  I’m beyond excited and look forward to reaching my goal by May 30, 2015.  Why May 30th, it’s my son’s wedding.  

Along with exercising, I’ve been taught to make smarter choices when it comes to eating.  I’m eating healthier now, and skip the junk food.  I’ve learned to eat protein with every meal and eat slower to enjoy every bite, and allow my brain to recognize when it’s full.  I’ve also learned to stop eating as soon as I feel full and not just keep eating because it’s good.  I’ll eat it later, albeit my next meal.  The last thing I’ve learned is not to deprive myself of anything.  If I want chocolate, I eat chocolate.  I’m just not eating two full size candy bars.  I might have a bite size one or fun size one instead.  It has made all the difference in the world.  I actually get excited to weigh myself each morning now, instead of dreading getting on the scale.  I’m so thankful the U of IL has the resources available to help me get back into shape and to the Refinery for teaching me the right way to lose weight and keep it off.  

The Refinery staff is so supportive, I just love coming to class and having them teach me new ways to stay in shape and reshape my body.  I don’t think I would have made it this far without them or their commitment to their members.  I still have 34 more pounds to reach my goal, but with their help, I know I can do it.  I feel extremely fortunate to work for a place that offered me the exercise study, so that I could go to the Refinery and begin my weight lose journey.  I’m also very fortunate to have the Refinery staff keep me motivated and teach me how to lose the weight and keep it off.  


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